Regardless of how long it has been around, if your tech or biotech organization is in an early stage of development, you may not currently have the bandwidth or financial resources to commission and manage the specialized infrastructure your operations demand.

The I-270 Innovation Labs is the right place to grow.

There’s no need to start from scratch, commit to a fixed location or floor plan, or spread yourself too thin. Focus your resources on discovery and development. Invest more in talent and science, and less in space and equipment.

We take care of Facility Management, and Lab Equipment. You get to work like larger organizations and solve operational constrains while optimizing your budget, and increasing productivity. Above all, you maintain your independence with no equity assignments of any kind, and the ability to join us from anywhere, and leave when and to wherever you decide.

As a Member of the I-270 Innovation Labs, you can access high-quality, purpose-built, Flex Wet Labs and Dry Labs, multimodal working spaces, and right-sized, key resources. If you need even greater flexibility, start out with an Individual Flex Bench, and get to innovate alongside Members at a similar growth stage and beyond, including established Enterprises.

Either way, you are able to further reduce workplace expenses and foster collaboration, or provide flexible, on-the-fly remote work options by simultaneously leveraging our robust Coworking infrastructure.

Better yet, you will be growth-ready with a range of alternative and add-on multimodal spaces, equipment, and services that rapidly adapt to your organization’s growth or restructuring needs.