At the I-270 Innovation Labs...

We are business experts, scientists and engineers with a passion for tech and biotech innovation, and with decades of experience in lab infrastructure and services, entrepreneurship, and business and economic development.

We know that many of today’s disruptive tech innovations and approved drugs and treatments originate from nimble teams and smaller labs. At the I-270 Innovation Labs, we put this insight into purposeful, forward action.

We are creative thinkers who seek to enable tech and biotech organizations to focus on discovery and development, and help them to move forward, faster—Join us from anywhere. When ready, move on to wherever you decide.

We designed and built high‐quality, reliable labs and multimodal workspaces where your organization can significantly reduce overall cost and risk, while rapidly scaling up/down, solving operational constraints, and maintaining independence.

We are problem solvers who understand the value of collaboration and how businesses and institutions actually work and succeed.

We create opportunities to meet and partner with others based on fit and value accretion, regardless of organization size, affiliation or location.