Members of the I-270 Innovation Labs enjoy hassle-free access to high-quality, purpose-built, Flex Wet Labs and Dry Labs, multimodal working spaces, and the right-sized, key resources. Our expert Facility Management saves them bandwidth and the financial resources required to commission and manage the specialized infrastructure their operations demand.

From designing, maintaining, and operating both physical and Coworking infrastructure, to ensuring the uninterrupted availability of key Lab Equipment, services and supplies, shared amenities, and administrative support, our Facility Management capabilities enable Members to boost productivity, solve operational constrains, and work like larger organizations.

Members enjoy the convenience and efficiencies of not having to procure and maintain capital intensive assets, or devise and manage innovative, cost effective solutions to complex operational needs such as:

  • “White glove” moving in/out support.
  • On-demand access to always-on Shared Lab Equipment.
  • Optional access to onsite-delivered consumables, and Dedicated Lab Equipment, preventive maintenance, diagnosis, repairs, and temporary storage.
  • Consistent availability of essential supplies like ice and de-ionized water, and key services such as autoclaving, always-on cold and ULT storage, and glass washing.
  • Freight receiving, and touchless, parcel receiving with real-time notifications, and on-the-cloud chain of custody tracking.
  • Access to scheduling systems, basic Wi-Fi internet connectivity, and private networking and fast broadband options.
  • On-demand access to cold and ULT storage.
  • Building access control and security monitoring.
  • Electric power backup, water filtration, hazardous waste removal, OSHA-approved emergency showers, eyewash and spill containment stations.