At the I-270 Innovation Labs, Members benefit from on-demand, cost-efficient access to key Lab Equipment and supplies. Additionally, complimentary, “white glove” moving in/out support for all Member-owned equipment is provided.

Always-on Lab Equipment and instrumentation provides Members with peace of mind, complements purpose-built, specialized infrastructure, and solves numerous operational constrains.

From chemical fume hoods, spectrophotometers, incubators, microscopes and digital scales to multimode plate readers, centrifuges and safety cabinets, Shared Lab Equipment available to all Members of the I-270 Innovation Labs is maintained and performs to specifications.

Our Facility Management capabilities and expertise ensure consistent access to essential supplies like ice and de-ionized water, and key services such as autoclaving, always-on cold and ULT storage, and glass washing.

Advanced Lab Equipment options enable Members to gain additional operational and financial efficiencies.

In partnership with BaneBio, we provide on-request access to Dedicated Lab Equipment, and onsite-delivered consumables, as well as the preventive maintenance, diagnosis, repairs, and temporary storage for Member-owned lab equipment and instrumentation.