Members of the I-270 Innovation Labs leverage our robust Coworking infrastructure to foster collaboration, reduce workspace expenses, or provide flexible, remote workplace options on-the-fly. They are also able to dedicate any portion of their Flex Wet Labs and Dry Labs to workspace. Removable sink units and mobile benches ensure maximum space configuration flexibility.

Coworking Memberships are complimentary, automatically granted to all Members, and include business-hours access to On-demand Workspaces, basic Wi-Fi internet connectivity, electric power, and a weekly access allotment to the Board Room and the Conference Room.

On-demand Workspaces include a hot desk, a dedicated portable file cabinet, and access to the file cabinet storage hotel. For smaller team meetings or temporary private office needs, Coworking Memberships also come with a weekly access allotment to one of the multiple private Collaboration Rooms.

Upgrade options include 24/7 Dedicated Workspaces with a paired set of hot desk and portable file cabinet, and supplementary access to the Board Room, the Conference Room, and the Collaboration Rooms.

Coworking areas are designated for different types of work allowing for the right mix of collaborative and focused work.

Our Facility Management capabilities ensure the proper maintenance and worry-free operation of the Coworking infrastructure, including scheduling systems, and touchless parcel receiving with real-time notifications, and on-the-cloud chain of custody tracking.