Any idea what Dropbox, Slack, Facebook, Microsoft, Moderna, and GE Healthcare have in common?

They either got started or have chosen to leverage flexible working environments like the I‐270 Innovation Labs.

At the I‐270 Innovation Labs, tech and biotech organizations of all types can conveniently access high‐quality, purpose‐built, Flex Wet Labs and Dry Labs, multimodal working spaces, and right‐sized, key resources.

Our Members focus on what they do best, and never overcommit to a location or a floor plan.

Flexible coworking labs like the I‐270 Innovation Labs reduce launching and on‐going operational costs while accommodating the rapidly changing needs of today’s tech and biotech organizations.



Why choose the I‐270 Innovation Labs?
These are some of the benefits that Membership offers to organizations like yours:


Adaptable lab spaces and multimodal working spaces, competitive leases with flexible terms, and on-demand access to critical lab equipment, business support services, and key resources.


Seamless access to specialized infrastructure, equipment and services without the hassles of procuring and maintaining capital assets or managing a facility.


Uncompromised freedom with no equity assignments of any kind. Join us from anywhere, and when your organization is ready, move on to wherever you decide. Partner and collaborate with others independently of their location or affiliations.


Cost-efficient infrastructure solutions that empower your organization, and enable optimal budget management  while boosting productivity.


Purpose-built infrastructure that incorporates essential design and operational safeguards and protocols, and quality, always-on lab equipment and services that perform to specifications.

Growth Readiness

Range of alternative and add-on multimodal spaces, equipment, and services that rapidly adapt to your organization’s growth or restructuring needs.

We are positioned where you want to be.

Positioned where you want to be.

The I-270 Innovation Labs are nested in a fast-growth environment with quick access to two interstate highways. The Washington, DC – Baltimore area is one of the top U.S. hubs for biotech, cybersecurity, defense/aerospace, and IT. From our strategic location in southern Frederick County, MD, get to DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, or one of three international airports in under an hour.